For the past 8 years, I have been building custom FileMaker databases as well as upgrading existing systems. My specialties are CRM and project management systems as well as connecting FileMaker to the web through APIs.

If you’re in need of a FileMaker developer, call, email or skype me to discuss.

Here are some samples of my work:

Video Tutorials of MDB Project Management System

The MDB Project Management System was custom built solely by me for Becker & Mayer! while I was employed there full-time.

MDB Video Tutorial: Managing your Queue

MDB Video Tutorial: The Project Screen

MDB Video Tutorial: How to Build a Project

User Interface Samples

This screencast is from PresstoPost. An original product / (with a FileMaker plug-in backend) which I developed and sell independently.

This screen capture is fromĀ WordPress FileMaker Sync. An original product / FileMaker plug-in which I developed and sell independently.

Screenshot WPFM 1

Scripting Samples

I use sixfriedrice’s methodology of passing multiple script parameters. I use these same custom functions to pass multiple script results and to build/parse arrays. This scripts is from the MDB Project Management System.

Script Preview

Relationship Graph Management Methodology

I use Roger Jacques of Soliant Consulting’s method of managing relationship graphs: anchor-buoy. No spiders here.