For the past 10 years, I have been building custom FileMaker databases as well as upgrading existing systems. My specialties are CRM and project management systems as well as connecting FileMaker to the web through APIs. I utilize the latest in software methodologies to ensure reliable and scalable code.

If you’re in need of a FileMaker developer, call, email or skype me to discuss.

Here are some samples of my work:

Video Tutorials of MDB Project Management System

The MDB Project Management System was custom built solely by me for Becker & Mayer! while I was employed there full-time.

MDB Video Tutorial: Managing your Queue

MDB Video Tutorial: The Project Screen

MDB Video Tutorial: How to Build a Project

User Interface Samples

This screencast is from PresstoPost. An original product / (with a FileMaker plug-in backend) which I developed and sell independently.

This screen capture is fromĀ WordPress FileMaker Sync. An original product / FileMaker plug-in which I developed and sell independently.

Screenshot WPFM 1